• What is twopresents?

    It's an invitation service with a charitable twist; a new way of giving

    It's a way to receive something memorable and help others in your community

    It's an easy way for guests to give to you, and for you to share with charity

  • How does it work?

    You send and manage your invites online

    Guests don't need to buy presents, they have the option to give money online instead, which is pooled and split in two parts

    One part is yours to spend on something special, the second is given to charity

  • Simple, smart and better!

    Eco-friendly, no wrapping, no packaging

    Get a present you really want

    An easy way to manage your party

    Guests are spared the hassle of shopping


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  • Our Charities

    The charities we sponsor are all local Hong Kong charities. Visit our Charities Page to learn about the wonderful work they do!

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  • Our Partners

    Choose our partners for your next party and increase the donation for your chosen charity. Visit our Partners Page to learn more!